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I have a background in Communication Studies, Education,and Computer Science. I have a love for learning and i never back away from a educational challenge. I am self starter and a team player. I currently work as a freelance developer and i am always open to new opportunities.

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Fullstack Developer and Communication Specialist

I am a fullstack developer with a background in communication studies and education. I taught myself how to code in order to create tools that would help me conduction research within my felid. I hope to continue learning and transition into a more technical role.

  • Degree: Ed.D, Coms MA, and CS AA.
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The focus of my research is currently in analyzing the relationship between media and public understanding of reality. My research incorporates an interdisciplinary methodology and methods that includes rhetoric, mass media effects theory, focus groups, relational interviews, and python data mining. These diverse theoretical approaches help to illuminate the connection between media consumption and public understandings of reality.


I take pride in my ability to learn new skills and adapt to new situations. I am a quick learner and I am always looking for new ways to improve my skills.

HTML 85%
CSS 75%
JavaScript 75%
WordPress/Wix/CMS 90%
Social Media/ Marketing/ Content Writing 90%
Communications & Project Management 100%


Passionate researcher focused on data-driven quantitative and qualitative research. I have experience in data analysis, data visualization, and data management. I have also have skills in Fullstack web development and project management through launching my own company (


Kevin Ozomaro

Innovative and self motivated researcher and software developer with 3+ years of experience designing and developing research projects and web applications.



Master of Arts Communication Studies

University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

Summa Cum Laude. GPA: 4.0 Area of focus in Communication Research and Data Analytics.

Doctor of Education

University of the Pacific Stockton, CA

Expected Graduation: May 2024

AA Computer Science

San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA

Expected Graduation: May 2023

Professional Experience

Full Stack Developer and Content Manager, Kut.Cards

2019 - Present

Sacramento, CA

  • Followed policies and procedures related to application methods and quality standards at all times.
  • Helped to achieve a consistent look and visual theme across the website by promoting uniform fonts, formatting, images, and layout.
  • Managed front-end and back-end development in the company's Portfolio Analyst, Employee Track, and Account Management systems.
  • Successfully identified, diagnosed, and fixed website problems, including broken links, typographical errors, and formatting issues.
  • Implemented NLTK packages for word processing
  • Implemented and Designed Flask frameworks, Nginx, and, WSGI for back-end development.
  • Created web pages using Bootstrap, Html, CSS, and JS.

Web Developer and Communications Manager, Seeds of Growth Counseling

2019 - Present

Sacramento, CA

  • Designed a customer web form for counseling consultations and connected it to the company database.
  • Implemented back-end database tools to schedule meetings with available therapists.
  • Created tools to automatically generate Zoom links with clients after phone and email confirmation. Reducing missed appointments by 45%.
  • Designed and implemented web pages in accordance with brand guidelines and using specifications given by regulatory requirements or business units
  • Utilized front-end design tools such as Figma, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Canva.
  • Created and implemented Python and JS scripts for consumer and competition data mining. Increases social media engagement by 67%.
  • Managed social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. implemented best practices increasing social media followers by 25%.

Communication Specialist, California Workforce Development Board

2021 — 2022

Sacramento, CA

  • Identified and analyzed social media strategy implications for growing online public engagement.
  • Prepared forecasts and identified trends through data analysis and tracking, leading to a 20% increase in user engagement.
  • Developed automation for social media analytics tracking.
  • Analyzed market data to determine and target key audiences or segments.
  • Performed competitor analysis to identify high-value keyword and backlink options.
  • Created web pages using branding guides.
  • Utilized web development tools such as WordPress, Divi Themes, and Figma.


Below are some of my projects that i have worked on. Many are research projects that i have worked on with my team. Some projects are still in progress.

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Chrome Extension

Seeds of Growth Counseling

Website created for client

Sentiment Reader

Sentiment Reader is a educational website and chrome extension built to help improve the news and media literacy of students

A Sentiment Analysis on News Media Outlets’ Reaffirming Narratives

People of color are always looking at media from an outsider's perspective but somehow are always the research subject. This paper analyzes the media effectiveness of creating echo chambers of the dominant group's reaffirming narratives. The researcher used sentiment analysis to examine news media outlets that they believed would create those echo chambers. These news media companies were found to create media framing that supports their audience's attitudes and beliefs. These media-created echo chambers are a result of selective exposure theory. This creates a feedback loop where news media reaffirms and creates belief systems for their viewership.

Promoting an Accessible Evidence-based Debate: The Impact of on Pacific Forensics

How can we make debate more accessible?

Kut.Cards: Debate card cutting website

Kut.Cards uses machine learning algorithms to cut verbatimized debate cards for you. Don't waste your time cutting when Kut.Cards can do it in seconds.